81-year-old set to graduate college decades after he started

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ATLANTA — An 81-year-old man in Georgia is set to graduate from college several decades after he first entered school.

According to FOX 5 in Atlanta, Joseph Crews Jr. will graduate from Georgia State University this weekend after two decades-long hiatuses from school.

Crews says he enrolled in school decades ago before leaving to join the military. He returned to school when he was in his 60s, but prostate cancer again put his plans on hold.

“I really thought that was the end of the road and I was going to enjoy myself as much as I possibly could, until the end came,” he said. “Well, the end didn’t come.”

Crews says he initially enrolled to study education, but later adopted a love for economics. After he overcame cancer, he re-enrolled at Georgia State and their program for seniors.

Wearing a suit purchased by his son, Crews will walk the state Saturday during the school’s commencement ceremony.

“I’m going to enjoy every minute of it,” he told the station.