Woman caught on video walking dog while driving car

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STOCKTON, Calif.  - Police in Stockton, California are trying to identify a driver who was caught on camera pulling a dog by its leash as it ran alongside her car.

Amanda Brajkovich caught the scene on camera and posted the video on Facebook.

In the video, you can hear Brajkovich ask the woman what she is doing. She claimed the dog wasn’t dragged and there was no tension on its leash.

According to FOX40, Brajkovich contacted police and was furious that the woman got away with it. The Stockton resident shared the video with FOX40.

"You're going to be a dog owner, a responsible dog owner, then you need to get out and walk your dog you know, don't be lazy,” said Brajkovich.

“First thought was 'oh my god this dog is going to get hurt' you know, maybe a car's going to go past him and hit him,” she said.

The Stockton Police Department said their animal control department reviewed the video and they say, “At this point it appears there was no animal cruelty.”

But if police officers had witnessed it, the driver would have been cited for distracted driving.

Brajkovich hopes that by sharing the video, other pet owners will avoid such behavior and take care of their pets.

"Give people more courage to actually stand up and say something to speak for the animals who can't speak for themselves,” Brajkovich said.

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