New Chicago taxi app program off to rough start

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CHICAGO -- About three months in, some taxi drivers say they still have issues with the city's new CHICABS taxi app program.

WGN covered the program when the city first launched it in February. The goal was to help Chicago’s taxi industry get on a better playing field with the rideshare industry by creating an app so people could hail cabs with their smartphones.

Three months later some drivers say they still haven’t heard about the mandate,or the CHICABS program. Other drivers say they’ve tried to sign up, but have had problems.

The city says it has hosted workshops for drivers and hopes drivers with any problems reach out so they can benefit from accepting e-hails.

Chicagosays it chose two apps to give riders and drivers a choice and increase customer access. But it does plan to re-evaluate that decision in the next several months.

In the meantime, its goal is to keep trying to get word out about the apps, to Chicagoans and tourists, who haven’t yet heard about the CHICABS program.

The city is working with its tourism branch, Choose Chicago, to help get word out about the apps. They’re called CURB and ARRO and are available for free download now from both the Apple and Google Play stores.

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