Islamic Society fights for new mosque

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ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. -- The Islamic Society of the Northwest Suburbs is looking to move into a larger building. But it’s run into problems with zoning regulations.

Tonight, they’re hoping to work out this issue when the Rolling Meadows City Council meets.

The current mosque – which has been here for 30 years -- sits in the city’s manufacturing district.

The new 47,000 square foot site would be right around the corner, also located in the manufacturing district.

City law restricts non-manufacturing use in this zone, including religious organizations. But the Islamic Society says it serves 300 to 400 people. They have prayer service, a free clinic, a food pantry and educational activities.

The Islamic Society says the new mosque would expand these services. But the City Council here in Rolling Meadows has become a roadblock. A March vote on the mosque’s zoning failed 2 to 3.

At the time, the aldermen who voted against zoning for the new mosque did not explain why.

The Islamic Society is not giving up. They gathered 300 petition signatures.

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