Dennis Hastert to be sentenced tomorrow

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CHICAGO -- Will he do time? A federal judge will answer that question tomorrow in the case of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

He pleaded guilty last fall to illegally structuring bank withdrawals to pay millions in hush money which was allegedly used to cover up past sexual abuse.

The vaunted, favorite son of Yorkville, Illinois, the high school wrestling coach who became the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House who fought for severe punishment for sex offenders now stands accused of being one in at least five cases.

Hastert is facing a million-dollar lawsuit.

Tomorrow, the court will hear from another alleged victim and the sister of one more at sentencing for a  financial crime, the only charge Hastert faces.

Hastert’s deal with prosecutors came with a sentencing recommendation ranging from probation to six months.  Often, that means probation, but the judge has a lot of discretion and can go as high as five years.

Hastert has also never been charged with a sex crime.  But there is a court recommendation that the 74-year-old be ordered to undergo a sex offender assessment as a condition of probation.

That will be determined by Judge Durkin.

Hastert will be given a chance to speak tomorrow. He has never addressed the sex allegations that are at the center of this case.

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