Man released from jail after serving 22 years for wrongful murder conviction

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CHICAGO -- Cook County state’s attorney dropped double murder charges against Eddie Bolden today.

Bolden is now 46 and spent the last 22 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of two drug related murders.  He was able to walk out of prison this afternoon.

“I just didn’t accept a life sentence,” Boden  told a crowd of reporters waiting outside the jail.  “They said I had life. I didn’t say I had life.”

A Cook County judge ordered a new trial in January after deciding his trial lawyer at the time did not interview crucial alibi witnesses and that the case was based on “extremely thin” evidence.

The 1994 conviction was based on the testimony of a single eyewitness.  Three others placed him in a south side restaurant at the time of the murders.  Those witnesses never testified.

Boden said he spent his days in the prison’s law library studying his case.

Bolden’s family says they believed his innocence all along and, for two decades, have been trying to get someone to listen to them.

Bolden has a son who was a year old when he went to prison.  This weekend he will be graduating from college and his father will be there.



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