Missouri bill would block cities from banning pit bulls

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Pit bull. Photo credit: Getty Images

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A new bill in Missouri would block cities from banning pit bulls and other dog breeds.

According to KMBC, a bill has advanced in the Missouri legislature that would ban cities from imposing roles on certain dog breeds. According to Republican Rep. Ron Hicks, who is backing the measure, such rules amount to dog descrimination.

“It’s not the dog. It’s not the breed. It’s the owner,” Rep. Hicks told KMBC.

The measure passed 117-17 on Thursday in the Missouri House. The bill would allow local governments to impose bans on unleashed dogs and other generic regulations, but would not allow cities to single out particular breeds.

Colleen Lynn, an anti-dog attack activist, told the station Missouri would become the 20th state in the U.S. to adopt such a law if it passes. She said she is against the measure.

“Whenever pit bulls show up, they’re killing disproportionately,” Lynn told KMBC.

Other critics told the station that the state shouldn’t be deciding the issue for local communities.

The deadline to pass the bill is May 13, the end of the Missouri legislative session.

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