Ricky O’Donnell talks Bulls on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - At least one change has been made with the Bulls since the "no one's untouchable" comment from John Paxson at the end of the season last Wednesday.

That's Benny The Bull.

No, the mascot isn't going away. It's just the person who plays him, Barry Anderson, is leaving the position after 12 seasons. It's probably not the change that Paxson was looking for and frankly having the executive still in the same position isn't what the fans wanted either.

But for now the Bulls front office and their coach, Fred Hoiberg, are moving forward together as they team tries to figure out how to fix a mess of a 2015-2016 season which they missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

What will they do now? That's the question Josh Frydman posed on Sports Feed Sunday night to SB Nation Bulls reporter Ricky O'Donnell. To hear him talk about the team and what they might do going forward, click on the video above or below.