Parents of ‘baby with perfect hair’ share story behind viral photo

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Remember baby Izzy? She's the baby who became an internet sensation because of her amazing head of hair.

Izzy, now two-and-a-half-months-old, and her parents, Mackenzie and Dave Kaplan, joined WGN Morning News Friday to tell us the story behind the viral photo.

Dave says it all started with an innocent picture that Mackenzie posted to Facebook. A cousin of theirs saw the photo and posted it to reddit with the caption, "My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman."

"The next thing you knew, literally within 24 hours, it had blown up. Friends of ours were saying, 'Hey, have you seen, Mario Lopez retweeted it!,'" Dave told WGN.

The photo now has more than 3 million views on reddit.

Mackenzie says they do not style Izzy's hair, or use any product. They just use baby shampoo and sometimes run a comb through it on those "bad hair days."

She also says Izzy has not had a hair cut and they do not intend to cut it "for a really long time."