Florida woman is allergic to her own sweat and tears

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CLEARWATER, Flor. -- A woman in Florida is documenting the horrors of having an unusual allergy.

Julie Reid, 28, suffers from Cholinergic urticaria, a rare skin condition where she is allergic to her own sweat and tears and breaks out in hives as a result.


"I used to be so beautiful, now I look like a monster," she told KGUN in Florida.

Like most people who suffer from the condition, it came on suddenly and without warning. Currently there is no cure.

Reid says it's painful, itchy and unsightly, because she gets horrible hives that last from an hour to several days.

She lost her job as a gymnastics and dance instructor, and has gained more than 100 pounds since being diagnosed three years ago.

She suffers from severe depression, because of the condition.

"I cannot describe to you the depths of depression that exist when your life is just, taken from you," Reid writes on her website.

According to KGUN, Reid does not leave her apartment during the daytime and claims she developed agoraphobia and fears to leave the house.

She's also unable to work, has lost her health insurance and has been denied disability.

"It's destroyed my life, I have nothing, no friends, no furniture, not help, no family here," Reid told KGUN.

She is documenting living with this rare condition on a website and is trying to raise money to help cover her medical costs.