Author George Castle on new book about Jackie Robinson West controversy

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The young boys of Jackie Robinson West stole the hearts of Chicago and the country when they won the national title at the Little League World Series in 2014. But devastation struck when evidence found that the team's leaders broke residency rules, leaving the boys to be stripped of their title.

On Friday morning, the WGN Morning News anchors were joined by George Castle, the author of "Jackie Robinson West: The Triumph and Tragedy of America’s Favorite Little League Team," to discuss the team.

Some people argue that the team shouldn’t have been stripped of their title at all. The adults in charge of the team should have been punished, rather than the young players by stripping their title.

Castle explains that his book is in support of the team, but includes the larger backstory that goes behind the neighborhoods of the inner-city kids and the struggles they face, on and off the baseball diamond.

“It’s a support to the team, but also a very big back story about a heroic neighborhood and to bust the stereotypes that a lot of people have about inner city kids,” Castle said. “That they don’t have fathers, that they can’t play baseball and they can’t be disciplined. That’s why I went back 45 years to the start of this neighborhood and to show people that if people are given an equal opportunity to succeed, the result for them and their kids is the result of anyone else.”

The Jackie Robinson West team may be reinstated back into little league because their longtime boss, Bill Haley, resigned in light of the scandal. Haley’s resignation could potentially put the team back in good standing with Little League.