Shoeless hero who stopped attack says he would do it again

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CHICAGO -- An unnamed, shoeless Good Samaritan who helped to save a woman on Chicago’s West Side Monday has been unmasked

Devin Bermudez heard screams while he was in his home in the the 2600 block of West Chicago.  Bermudez had no time to put on his shoes and ran out of his home in his socks.  He stopped the attack on a 47-year-old woman, chased the suspect and was eventually able to point police to the alley where the suspect was hiding.

18-year-old  Ledarius Johnson is now charged with criminal sexual abuse.

Police say Johnson followed the woman after she got off the bus. The woman is from Ukraine. Bermudez says she walked into the front of the condo building where she is staying with a relative and the attacker followed and pushed her to the floor.

He says he didn't want the suspect to get away and try to hurt someone else. He has received an outpouring of support from neighbors who were calling him a hero. And as a joke, he revealed his identity posting a picture online of him wearing his son's Batman mask.

“I didn't really think it was that big of a deal,” Bermudez said.  “I would do the same thing.”

The victim was shaken but suffered only minor injuries. Bermudez says she doesn't speak much English but she was very thankful for what he did and she took a picture with him to send to her husband in Ukraine

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