‘I have to grab my opportunity’: Helen Mirren reveals why she kissed Stephen Colbert

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Actress Helen Mirren left Stephen Colbert speechless a few weeks ago after she planted an unexpected kiss on him while appearing on The Late Show.

Mirren joined WGN Morning News via satellite Thursday to talk about her new movie "Eye in the Sky," but also about her kiss with Colbert and how she's always had a "secret passion for him."

"I've always been a massive fan. You know, a fan in that sort of slightly, creepy way - that I was sort of, secretly, a little bit, in love with him kind of way," Mirren confessed.

She said that she didn't plan it, and literally thought to do it as she was announced out on stage.

"I'm going to have to kiss him because if I don't kiss him now I'll never have the opportunity. I have to grab my opportunity right now when he can't say no, when he can't resist," Mirren said.

Watch her interview with WGN Morning News in the video player above

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