Officer charged with murder of Laquan McDonald working for Fraternal Order of Police

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CHICAGO -- The Chicago police officer charged in Laquan McDonald's murder, now works for the police union.

Jason Van Dyke is awaiting trial, after he shot McDonald 16 times in 2014. He is stripped of his police powers and on unpaid leave.

Van Dyke is now doing janitorial work for the fraternal order of police. Duties range from cleaning to building maintenance.

His hiring led to some angry reaction on Facebook. Father Michael Pfleger wrote, "We get a new superintendent who is trying to restore police and community relations and the union just set them back all over again. This is a disgrace."

Community activist Jedidiah Brown wrote, "The Fraternal Order of Police just declared war with the people of Chicago. the ultimate slap in the face is to hire a man who shot a child sixteen times."