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Man arrested for using fake Metra ticket

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CHICAGO --  There’s a new warning for Metra riders.  If you’re caught using a fake virtual ticket, you will face charges and your phone will be taken away.

The warning comes after an arrest yesterday.

 The Ventra app launched in November allowing Metra riders to purchase fares on their phones and use the phone as a mobile ticket.

This is the first time since the app launch that Metra has charged someone with trying to fake that virtual ticket to pay for a ride.

 On Tuesday, a conductor on the Milwaukee West Line was suspicious of one rider’s mobile ticket and said it had different security features.  The passenger was using a video of the mobile ticket instead of a real ticket.

Metra police were notified.

And they arrested 23-year-old Daniel Rasinski of Streamwood for trying to ride with a fake virtual ticket.  

Rasinski now faces a theft charge and had his phone taken as evidence.

Metra says it’s also currently investigating two other cases where passengers may have used fake virtual tickets.