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Lunchbreak: Smoked brisket sandwich from Q-BBQ

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Michael LaPidus, owner


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April 13

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Q-BBQ Smoked Brisket:

Start with raw brisket.  Trim fat (the deckle). Leave some fat as it renders down during smoking, about 1/4” is just right.

Rub meat.  A good rub base has brown sugar, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika…and you can get creative from there. Our Q rub has 13 spices.

Let meat rest. Again, time is up to you. Some people like to marinade with a combination of wet and dry ingredients overnight - at Q, we use dry ingredients only.

Put it in smoker. Q uses hickory and apple wood to smoke. If you don’t have a home smoker, you can use an outdoor grill. Keep the temp no higher than 225 degrees.
At Q we smoke to an internal temp of 190, it takes anywhere from 20-22 hours. At home on the grill you’re looking at around the same time, but it is all about the final temperature. So keep going until you hit that 190 degree internal temperature and don’t remove until you get there. A traditional oven is not recommended.
Remove from smoker and let entire brisket rest for 45-60 minutes. This is so the juices settle -- don't cut it right away, even if it looks delicious.

Sliced brisket:   Slice with the grain of the meat.

Chopped:   The grain of the meat changes about half way through. You want to find that change.

For burnt ends:  Cube the butt of the brisket. Add more rub and BBQ sauce. We use our North Carolina Vinegar sauce. Smoke an additional 1-2 hours.

To make a Q-Style Chopped Brisket Sandwich:

brioche bun
chopped brisket
bleu cheese (3 oz)
creamy slaw (3 oz)
*or amounts up to you!*