Chicago teacher focus on forward thinking attitude has won him fans

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CHICAGO -- Ilhan Avcioglu, also known as "Mr. A," teaches government, history and law at Kenwood Academy on Chicago’s South Side.

His student fan base is huge.

Diavian Goolsby is the student who nominated Mr. A for Teacher of the Month consideration.

"I like that he is open minded,” she says. “He is not bias. He makes us really think about issues we have in society and how we can make a difference.”

Mr. A says he tries to connect with students as people.

"What makes him stand out from the rest of the teachers is the relationship he has with his students,” says student Javarus Urdiales. “We have a friendly relationship with him. We feel like we can talk to him about anything."

"I feel like I'm here to help them not just in terms of the classroom, but they can come to me about how they are feeling,” Mr. A. says.

Mr. A tries to instill a forward thinking attitude in all his students.

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