WGN anchors, reporters read mean emails from viewers

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CHICAGO -- In the wake of a nasty letter sent to reporter Marcella Raymond, others at WGN decided to read mean emails, tweets and other messages they have received in the past.

Randi Belisomo, Amy Rutledge, Dina Bair, Dean Richards, Lourdes Duarte, Robin Baumgarten and Paul Konrad revealed viewers' rude, critical and otherwise unpleasant comments Monday, just a few days after Raymond received a letter in which a viewer criticized her weight, writing, "Being heavier than you probably want to be does present a message to the viewer: this person is not able to discipline herself in a visual medium."

So what have others at WGN gotten in their respective inboxes?

For one, Belisomo was called a "stupid, blonde sorority chick" whose mother "must have been in a sorority too (because) she can't even spell your first name correctly."

Said Bair, "The meanest person who ever emailed me said, 'I cannot bear to watch Dina Bair; I saw her and thought you were having auditions for Wicked.'"

After talking about a fish on air, Duarte received a message saying she should "think before you open your mouth; your comment made me sick, as it should any thinking human being."

Richards read one from a viewer in which he was accused of looking "smug," while Rutledge was told she had "Chewy looks."

"I love Chewbacca!" Rutledge responded.

Perhaps the meanest ones belonged to Baumgarten and Konrad.

"Keep shoving food down that pie hole of yours; it shuts up that annoying, donkey-braying noise you make when you talk," read Baumgarten, quoting a viewer.

Wrote one viewer to Konrad: "Paul, you are a stupid (expletive). You should do Chicagoland a favor and jump off the Willis Tower and land on (Tom) Skilling. Go (expletive) yourself. Love, Robin."

"Nice," Konrad responded, shaking his head.

Watch the reporters read their mean messages in the video above.

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