Prosecutors say 3 charged in probe of Brussels attacks

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BRUSSELS — Belgian prosecutors say three men have now been charged with terrorist offenses linked to Tuesday’s attacks on the Brussels airport and subway.

Federal prosecutors said Saturday they have charged a man identified as Faycal C. for “involvement in a terrorist group, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder.” They say he was arrested on Thursday but a police raid on his home turned up no weapons or explosives.

Prosecutors announced earlier in the day that a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Belgian media are reporting that a man named Faycal Cheffou has been identified has the suspected fugitive in a light-colored jacket who fled BrusselsĀ Airport after two alleged accomplices blew themselves up there Tuesday. Prosecutors refused to comment on those reports.

Prosecutors say two other suspects arrested Thursday and identified as Rabah N. and Aboubakar A. have been charged with “involvement in the activities of a terrorist group.”

A fourth man, taken into custody Friday after he was shot by police at a BrusselsĀ tram stop, is being held for at least 24 hours longer.

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