Brussels Airport will not reopen before Tuesday

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BRUSSELS  — Brussels airport officials say flights won't resume before Tuesday as they assess the damage caused by twin explosions in the terminal earlier this week.

Authorities have wrapped up their investigation of the crime scene at the airport, and will allow engineers into the building to check its structural safety and information technology systems — and whether any damage can be repaired quickly.

The Brussels Airport Company said Saturday it is "currently studying a temporary solution to partially resume passenger flights, taking into account the new security measures" decided by the federal government.

Brussels Airport handles 23.5 million passengers annually. It links Brussels with 226 destinations worldwide and is served by 77 different airlines.

A search is underway for another suspect in the Brussels terror attacks.

French investigators say Naim al-Hamed is very dangerous and probably armed.

A French newspaper reports his DNA was found at the same apartment three attackers left from the morning of the attacks.

Investigators say he may also be linked to Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam.