Thumb blister forces Jake Arrieta out of the Cubs’ game against the Giants

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Jake Arrieta makes a pitch against the Giants in Scottsdale on March 24th.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – The match-up on a warm March night is one worthy of late October.

The 2015 Cy Young Award winner against the 2014 World Series MVP. It doesn’t get much better in Spring Training as Jake Arrieta of the Cubs faced off with the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner.

Unfortunately a minor problem with the former kept this star pitching match-up from developing on Thursday night.

During the first inning Arrieta developed a blister on his pitching thumb and was pulled from the game by manager Joe Maddon after just 34 pitches.

It was apparent something was wrong since the pitcher was rocked in the first inning to the tune of five runs on four hits and two walks. After Arrieta walked in a run on his 34 pitch, he was pulled from the game.

According to an interview with ESPN soon after being pulled from the game, Arrieta pointed to the blister being a problem during this year’s Spring Training.

“I’ve had a slight reoccurring blister on the thumb. I’ve been battling it because of the dryness in Arizona,” said Arrieta in an on-camera interview during ESPN’s broadcast of the Cubs-Giants game on Thursday night. “One of them opened up a little bit. Had that heal and then one has been lingering for a couple of days.

“It’s really been something I’ve been able to take care of. It was pretty tender today, I had it covered with Super Glue. So when I was out there I wasn’t able to put enough grip pressure on all my pitches and I really couldn’t finish.”

Cubs fans might have sensed something was up considering Arrieta’s strong performance in two other Spring Training games in 2016. In two starts and six innings this spring the pitcher allowed just two hits and one run while striking out nine batter.