Sam Panayotovich joins Sports Feed on Thursday

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CHICAGO - Three Stanley Cups can give you a lot of wiggle room with fans. But even this is pushing it a bit.

Six of the last seven games for the Blackhawks have ended in losses and its causing a bit of a problem for the team in their hopes for home ice advantage in the playoffs. Does that mean a lot to Joel Quenneville's group? Not necessarily but playing bad before the playoffs never helps.

As for the Bulls, it's gonna be an interesting few weeks for Fred Hoiberg's team as they teeter on the brink of missing the postseason.

Sam Panayotovich of WGN Radio came on Sports Feed to discuss the struggling teams that currently occupying the United Center. He also took some time to discuss the drama around the White Sox during this spring training following the retirement of Adam LaRoche.

To hear Sam discuss Blackhawks along with the Bulls with Josh Frydman and Andy Masur, click on the video above. For a discussion on the White Sox, click on the video below.