Retired CPD officers, DOJ officials meet

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CHICAGO -- A group of retired, African-American Chicago police officers on Thursday share what they think needs to be done to reform the CPD.

They expressed their views during a meeting with Justice Department officials at the "Gathering Point Community Council" at 76th and Vincennes.

The DOJ is conducting what’s known as a "pattern-and-practice" probe. It's in response to the Laquan McDonald shooting.

Justice Department officials are focusing on the use of force, the disciplinary process, and the ways the CPD "tracks and treats" those incidents.

The retired officers stressed concerns over the department’s hiring practices. They say there are a limited number of minorities in positions of authority.

The Justice Department's investigation began in December. It could be another nine months before it is completed.

If a pattern of violations are found, city officials and the Justice Department would develop a legal agreement for reforming the department. Then, the CPD would have to implement those changes.