Chicago’s unique cooking school serves up success

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CHICAGO -- The people behind Chicago’s so called “best-kept secret” say they're ready for it to be made known.

Sikia Restaurant, nestled on the campus of Kennedy King College in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, has been serving lunch for years.  Now a three-course dinner has been added to the menu.

But this restaurant is serving up much more than food.

At Sikia, the chefs are actually students at Washburne Culinary Institute, one of the oldest culinary schools in the nation.  The institute, founded more than 75 years ago, is where students train under chefs who’ve worked in the field.

The workload for the two-year program is intense with some classes lasting up to eight hours a day.

When they graduate, students will have a certificate or associates degree in their concentration.

And getting a job should be no sweat, especially since Washburne owns two more restaurants and a catering business in Chicago that hire their own graduates.

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