Whitney Young HS burglarized — again

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CHICAGO – Administrators at Whitney Young are frustrated: overnight, someone broke into the school and trashed parts of the gyms.

Several items were stolen. It is the third such incident in the last six weeks.

 The school believes the break-in occurred between 2 and 4 a.m. When faculty arrived they found a mess in the gym, window smashed in, three offices broken in to. The offices belong to coaches at the school.

The windows have since been boarded up. But Tuesday morning, there was glass everywhere. Laptops were stolen. Computers damaged. Even the vending machines were hit.

The burglar or burglars also stole $110 from one of the offices. The school says it’s looking at over $20,000 worth of damage. That is money that ultimately the taxpayers will have to fork over.

Chicago Police were on the scene today. And they actually discovered a big clue. Blood was found inside one of the offices. So detectives collected the DNA and they’re processing it.

One theory about this -- with the break-in occurring in the middle of the night -- the Whitney Young Principal thinks perhaps someone hid inside the building and waited for everyone to go home.

Whitney Young is adjusting security.  The Board of Education has ordered the school to add cameras to the gym. And they’re going to work closely with CPD to catch the people responsible.

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