Joe Maddon on the Cubs’ dress code: ‘If you think you look hot, you wear it’

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MESA, Ariz. — No one can claim Joe Maddon isn’t authentic– his team dress code being no exception.

The Chicago Cubs manager reportedly held a team meeting with clubhouse veterans on Sunday, during which he and what he called the “lead bulls” discussed travel, clubhouse decorum and dress code. His message to the team on this last bit? Be yourself.

“If you think you look hot, you wear it,” Maddon said. “That’s the dress code.”

That Maddon is so loose on attire shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans. After all, he and members of the team have been seen wearing shirts that read “Try not to suck.”

Photo courtesy of Korked Baseball.

Photo courtesy of Korked Baseball.

Maddon, 62, is a young soul when it comes to clothing. “I’ve always rallied against the fact that the previous generation really frowns upon non-collared shirts, which I’ve never understood,” he said according to Yahoo! Sports. “For me, there’s no such thing as having to have a specific shirt on.”

Many teams in all leagues are often seen traveling in high-priced business attire. Maddon however said he never understood why.

“The $5,000 suit on the airplane ride makes no sense to me whatsoever unless you’re trying to impress — and I don’t know who you’re trying to impress,” Maddon said, according to

Maddon’s unique ways extend beyond just dress and date back to his days with the Tampa Bay Rays. Last year Maddon brought in magicians and zoo animals to the Cubs clubhouse and blasted the “Rocky” theme during the playoffs, all in an attempt to ease pressure off his players.

The three-time Manager of the Year winner took over for the Cubs in 2015, leading the North Siders to a 97-win season and the team’s first playoff berth since 2008. They defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals in the postseason before losing to the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series.

The Cubs hope to improve on their recent success when they take on the Los Angeles Angels on Opening Day, April 3.