#FeedonThis: NCAA Tournament is the talk of Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - After a maddening weekend, basketball fans took to social media in droves.

It produced a number of interesting memes along with videos that are being replayed over and over. Hence the NCAA Tournament was had the best of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect over the past four days.

Because of that the tournament was a huge part of Monday's Social Fodder on Sports Feed with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman going through a few of the best during the show.

That's part of #FeedonThis for March 21st. See the segment by clicking on the video above.

Josh's Man Crush Monday pick also featured a major part of the NCAA Tournament this past weekend. He's a coach whose team was a favorite and was rarely challenged in their first two games.

Meanwhile Jarrett pick a player who was in college two years ago but is finally making his impact on the NBA.

To see the hosts's MCM picks, click on the video above.