HAWL IN: Don’t forget about Drake LaRoche

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Adam LaRoche and his son Drake.

CHICAGO – Good luck trying to pick the right side in this fight. Seriously, wishing you all the best.

As far as debates go, this is a tough one.

First there is Adam LaRoche who is trying to be the best father he can be by having his  14-year old son Drake by his side as much as possible. Hence his constant presence with his dad at the ballpark during the 2015 season with the White Sox as the previous four seasons.

The White Sox, however, do have the right to control the access to their locker room. Just as an employer can control who comes or goes in the workspace.

But at the same time, it seems as if LaRoche and White Sox president Kenny Williams had come to a deal on such access to the clubhouse per a Twitter statement released by LaRoche on Friday.

“Prior to signing with the White Sox, my first question to the club concerned my son’s ability to be a part of the team. After some due diligence on the club’s part, we reached an agreement,” said LaRoche. “The 2015 season presented no problems as far as Drake was concerned. (My bat and our record are another story!)”

But then something changed in 2016 contrary to that deal since LaRoche says he was told by Williams to scale back the visits then eventually not bring him at all.

“My decision to walk away was simply the result of a fundamental disagreement between myself and Ken Williams,” said LaRoche.

So did the White Sox president lie? Pitcher Chris Sale certainly thinks so. If Williams went back on his word it’s hard to defend that as being right.

But again, it’s the White Sox’s clubhouse. If the new players had issue with the kid in the clubhouse, don’t they have the right to have their voice heard?

Again, good luck finding the right side in this debate. There very well may not be one considering the differing stories on the issue.

Still there is one person being ignored among all the opinions being presented on this story, from Williams to Sale and Laroche himself. It’s actually a bit sad.

That’s Drake LaRoche.

The 14-year old whose life is now changed thanks to a couple of crazy days in Glendale.

So often in the conflicts of adults the children get forgotten. This is someone in the midst of his formative years who over the last half-decade has gotten a life education like few others his age could ever dream to experience.

That was supposed to continue for another year with the White Sox. That won’t happen now and the path of Drake in 2016 has been dramatically altered. He now goes with this father Adam on his newest journey of life after baseball which will provide a different experience than the one he would have had in Chicago.

Will it be for the better? Only time will dictate that.

Sure, the debate of how LaRoche will go about his life after baseball will be a focal point. How the White Sox will fix the division between players and front office will probably be the bigger storyline that might continue from the spring and summer through the fall.

Just don’t forget about Drake. He’s the one in the middle of a divisive fight who now has to deal with major change in his life.

Surely a little concern for the kid is something people on both sides can agree on during a most unusual spring training in Glendale.




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