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Sarah Baker

Spring Awakening Wellness Retreat
April 1-3
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Botanical Beauty Ritual:

5-step DIY botanical beauty routine to transition you from winter to spring. The winter weather has been pretty harsh on our skin and hair, so it's time to switch up our routine to welcome spring. And, you can find all of these ingredients right in your cabinets or in a local grocery store!

1: Start with a botanical steam to open up your pours and cleanse your complexion by using: chamomile, sage, lavender and rosemary. Add all ingredients to hot water and bring to a boil. Place face over pot (after heat is turned off) and let steam for 5-10 minutes.

Botanical Steam:
1/4 cup chamomile
2-3 tbsp lavendar
2 tbsp rosemary
1 tbsp sage
2: Moisturizing hair mask: once you've steamed your face, it's time to hydrate your strands that have gone through the harsh winter winds in Chicago. Blend together: rosemary and sage essential oils with olive oil - coat hair and let sit while you are taking your detox bath.

Rosemary and sage are two herbs that are great for clarifying hair, so balancing out the properties of these oils with olive oil gives your hair a beautiful blend of clarifying and hydrating benefits.

Hair Mask:
1/4 cup olive oil
5-10 drops rosemary oil (depending on personal preference of scent)
5-10 drops sage oil (depending on personal preference of scent)
3: Detox bath – take 2 cups Epsom salt, lavender and citrus essential oils, and allow yourself to soak in the bath for 20-minutes. By doing so, it helps us sweat more and removes toxins from the skin.

Epsom salts can be found at any local grocery store or pharmacy.

Detox Salt:
2 cups Epsom salt
5-10 drops lavender
5-10 drops citrus essential oil - depending on if you want a stimulating blend or relaxing blend
4: Once you're out of the bath and you've exfoliated with a body scrub (any exfoliating body scrub of your choice), it's time to draw out the impurities from your skin with a simple detox face mask:

This mask uses activated charcoal. You can find charcoal supplements at your local grocery store. Mix 2 capsules of activated charcoal with 1 tbsp. water, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and a dab of sesame oil. Blend together and place on face for 10-minutes, or until it dries.

This is the perfect remedy for this time of year, while we are fluctuating between hot and cold environments.

Face Mask:
2-3 broken capsules activated charcoal
1 tbsp water
2-3 drops tea tree oil
1 tsp sesame oil


5: The final ritual is to lock in moisture and circulate your lymphatic system with an evening body oil application.

This medicinal infused body oil includes 1 cup of sesame oil with vanilla and citrus essential oils, blend them together. Massage the blend into your skin. In order for the oils to fully soak in, throw on your PJ's and leave it on for the remainder of the night.

Massage Oils:
1 cup sesame oil
5 drops vanilla essentials
5 drops orange essentials
Try this nighttime botanical beauty ritual once a week. This routine allows you to indulge in a luxurious – yet affordable – spa experience in the comfort of your own home, all while developing the perfect springtime glow!




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