Officials investigate after racial slurs heard on police radio channel

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CHICAGO -- Chicago's Office of Emergency Management is investigating a racial slur used on a police radio frequency.

The comments interrupted an exchange between a police officer and a dispatcher sunday morning.

Officials say they believe the comments were made by an "unauthorized user."

Here's a transcription of the audio:

Male voice: "Typical f---in' n-----s."

Officer: Find out what radio that comment came from."

Dispatcher: "You know, we don't get radio numbers, but I'm already holler' for my supervisor."

Male voice: "All black lives matter, man f---in' n-----s."

A police spokesman said issued the following statement:

"The statements made are absolutely unacceptable and Police Interim Superintendent John Escalante has ordered an immediate internal affairs investigation. Should the investigation reveal that a member of the police department made the statements, he will be immediately suspended and disciplinary proceedings will be launched."