#FeedonThis: Jarrett and Josh give their NCAA Tournament picks

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CHICAGO - Everyone fills out a bracket. Well, most everyone.

Jarrett and Josh are included in that group and they made their picks known to Chicago sports fans on Tuesday. Pretty gutsy considering the upset nature of the tournament and the crazy regular season that preceded this year's "Big Dance."

But the Sports Feed hosts came on the show on Tuesday night and gave their thoughts on what might transpire over the next couple of weeks. That segment is the top of March 15th's #FeedonThis for the show.

To watch Jarrett and Josh's picks, click on the video above.

While the tournament starts this week, NFL Free Agency is just about a week old.

General Manager Ryan Pace came into it with free agent period with a strategy-get the most talent he could while avoiding a major contract for one free agent.

So far it appears he's been successful having gotten a few impact players at a good point.

Jarrett and Josh discussed the Bears through Week 1 of free agency. Click on the video above to watch the discussion.

Per usual, Social Fodder provided some entertainment on the show.

This time it features rapper Drake causing some problems for the Bulls, the comeback of "The Butt Fumble" to Social Media and the unfortunate end to a race in England.

Jarrett and Josh recap the best of Social Media in Social Fodder which you can watch in the video above.