7-year-old girl comes out of coma with help of ‘Nae Nae’ song

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ATLANTA — A 7-year-old girl emerged from a coma with the help of music therapy, and specifically, the “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” song.

According to WAGA-TV, Briana Lawson was sustained a severe brain injury in a Christmas Day car accident that also killed her sister.

Briana’s family says she loves the “Nae Nae” song, so Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta music therapist Cori Synder used it to help reawaken her injured brain.

At the time, WAGA reports Briana had no vision, and ceould barely move. Her facial bones were broken. So were her hips, and one of legs. Her jaw was wired shut.

The focus was to get Briana to open her eyes, but when they played the song, something surprising happened.

“Those first 2 or 3 days, she would raise her hand in the “Nae Nae” song,” Snyder said.

Unable to speak, Briana was trying to dance.

Since then, Briana has made incredible progress with the help of music therapy. WAGA even arranged for Silentó, the man behind the “Nae Nae” song, to meet her. In a Facebook video that’s been viewed over 1 million times, Briana and Silentó dance to the song together.

“Just to be in an accident like that and get up and just dance, or anything like that, that’s awesome! That’s a blessing from God. God bless her and He blessed me, so I came and brought her something,” Silentó said in the video.

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