‘SNL’ mocks Trump supporters in viral skit

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NEW YORK — “Saturday Night Live” didn’t pull any punches in a new skit about Donald Trump.

The comedy sketch show aired a roughly minute-long video that ran like a typical campaign ad before the actors reveal they are “racists.”

Viewers get an ordinary view of the American heartland and are introduced to voters doing ordinary things — ironing clothes, painting a house, gathering firewood — as they explain why they support Trump. Reasons range from Trump’s business acumen to his no-nonsense rhetoric. Then, at the 35-second mark, the ad devolves into showing the characters as Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Muslim.

The skit has drawn more than 30,000 views on YouTube in less than a day, and the show’s Facebook video has more than 4 million views, 11,000 comments and nearly 70,000 likes.

The skit ends with text over the screen reading “Racists for Trump,” as one of the fake voters brings firewood to a burning cross.

“Screw the liberal media. I’m not racist and I support Trump,” wrote one Facebook commenter in response to the show’s Facebook post.

Wrote another, “This is so wrong yet funny.”

As a few commenters pointed out, Trump, an outspoken real estate mogul who is leading several polls after an unlikely presidential campaign, hosted “Saturday Night Live” back in November. Check out a skit from that episode below: