Officers save fellow cop at CPD headquarters

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CHICAGO —  Officers at Chicago Police headquarters save the life of a fellow cop after he became unconscious.

Just before 10 p.m. on Saturday, a 55-year-old Chicago Police officer suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness in the lobby of the Public Safety Headquarters at 35th St. and Michigan Ave, according to police.

Several officers came to his aid and gave him medical attention.

Officer Beata Staszewski said she performed CPR.

The officers then used a defibrillator until he regained consciousness and an ambulance arrived.

"I was very glad to see that some of our efforts brought some fruit and he was doing better by the time that he did get into the ambulance," said Staszewski. "I was glad to do the service and I would do it again for anyone else.”

Officer Normal Colon also came to the officer's rescue.

"It just went so fast. We just got on the air and requested an ambulance," said Colon. "My partner started doing the chest compression and we were all together working as a team."

The officer was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Police said he is a 29 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.

The officers said their defibrillator training is what saved his life.

"I'm very glad that we have the defibrillators in the building," said Staszewski." "I know there was an incident recently in another district where the defibrillator was used successfully. I'm glad that we have them in the stations and we do have some training on CPR as well."

"Training is great, but when it actually happens you have to actually react and think fast. It’s a person’s life," said Colon.