Allegations of paying for votes in one Illinois race

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CHICAGO, Ill.  -- Serous allegations today against the Ken Dunkin reelection campaign. Dunkin is facing a serious challenge in the March 15th Democratic primary because the Democratic establishment has turned against him.  And today, influential Democrats released secret recordings that they say show Dunkin’s people offering voters money.

Chicago Alderman Pat Dowell and Secretary of State Jesse White accused the Ken Dunkin campaign of paying for votes. Alderman Dowell says the alleged activity was captured on cell phone video.

Alderman Dowell called news conference today with White and Ken Dunkin’s Democratic primary opponent Juliana Stratton, "I’m here to say that the Ken Dunkin campaign is committing voter fraud and buying votes in an effort to win this reelection," said Dowell.

Dowell says on Friday her office received calls about unusual turnout at a South Side 3rd ward voting place.  She says she then dispatched 4 volunteers to see what was going on.  That’s when, she says, they uncovered the alleged scheme, "I have here the money that the four people - went through this process received.  Crisp fifty dollar bills that were given to the people who went through this process," Dowell said during the press conference.

Dowell says her office contacted the police and reached out to the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Secretary of State White is calling on authorities to admonish the Dunkin campaign.
WGN reached out to the Dunkin campaign several times today. They did not return our calls.

We should mention that Pat Dowell and Jesse White have both endorsed Stratton over Dunkin in the primary. The Democratic establishment is angry with Dunkin for siding with Governor Bruce Rauner on key votes.