Chicago police warn of armed robberies on The 606 trail

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police are looking for suspects after at least three armed robberies which have occurred over past two weeks along the 606-Bloomingdale trail on the city's Northwest Side.

The most recent being just two days ago, and residents say they are concerned.

The three attacks along the Bloomingdale trail since February 19 have all occurred late at night.

In each incident, witnesses say a group of at least two -- and as many as four -- men in hooded sweatshirts have pushed cyclists off of their bikes and runners to the ground and robbed them of cell phones, wallets, and other personal belongings.

Since the 606 opened last summer, runners and bicyclists have been able to enjoy this newly paved, elevated walkway.  But, now there's a new level of concern.

The robberies have all occurred along with 2 1/2 mile path between Western and Kedzie and in at least one of the incidents, the victim says the attackers threatened him with a gun.  Many say they are now being extra cautious.

Police are reviewing surveillance camera along the path and say they've added extra patrols in the area as the investigation continues.