Candidates vie for delegates in weekend contests

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A series of election contests this weekend in the 2016 presidential race will divide up 175 delegates among the Republican candidates and 134 delegates between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Voters are getting their say in five states.

Democrats and Republicans have contests in Kansas and Louisiana. Republicans in Maine and Kentucky are holding caucuses, as are Democrats in Nebraska.

The polls have already opened in Louisiana.

And there’s more on Sunday, when Maine Democrats and Puerto Rico Republicans are up.

Going into the weekend round, Donald Trump leads in the GOP race with 329 delegates. Ted Cruz has 231, Marco Rubio has 110 and John Kasich has 25.

It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination.

On the Democratic side, Clinton leads with 1,066 delegates to 432 for Sanders. It takes 2,383 to win the party’s nomination.

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