Toddler calls 911 because she needed help putting her pants on

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GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A little girl in South Carolina had a crisis, so she called 911.

Her name is Aaliyah. When a Greenville County sheriff's deputy showed up at Aaliyah's home, she ran toward the door with one pant leg down.

No, she wasn't being attacked. She just needed help getting dressed.

"She wanted me to help do her shoes, and then she wanted me to hug her and hold her and it, I just kept saying that it made my day it was just the highlight of my day, she was so sweet and so welcoming," said Greenville County Deputy Martha Lohnes.

Aaliyah's grandfather was a little baffled by the sudden appearance of the police at his door.

But he, too, was relieved to learn that the 911 emergency was just a fashion crisis.

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