Chicago’s Very Own: YMCA outreach worker Mike Almore

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CHICAGO -- Countless stories from people suffering from gang violence go untold. But behind every fatal shooting are the loved ones left behind to pick up the pieces.

YMCA outreach worker Mike Almore lost his brother to gang violence -- and he’s bringing that story to the forefront to help keep kids off the street.

He’s one of Chicago’s Very Own.

Almore’s story is one of struggle and redemption. Growing up in Pilsen, he and his younger brother Caid were well-known gang members. But it was Caid who became notorious on the streets.

Gang violence eventually killed Caid. And while it didn’t come as a shock to Almore, it was a tragedy nonetheless.

Caid had been fatally shot one time in the heart. It happened more than 10 years ago. But the memory of his brother’s violent death is still fresh in his memory.

That experience that pushed Almore to change his own life. He quit the gang and vowed to help put a stop to youth violence  – all in Caid’s memory.

And he uses that very story, as a teaching tool.

It’s Almore’s positive, “tough-love” approach with at-risk youth that has made him one of the most influential mentors in the anti-violence program -- and a lifesaver for kids looking for a roadmap to a safe haven.

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