Criminal life of Reginald Potts takes center stage in Day 2 of sentencing

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CHICAGO -- The criminal life of a convicted murder again takes center stage at his sentencing hearing this afternoon.

Cook County prosecutors highlighted Reginald Potts's dozens of run-ins with the law dating back to the early '90s. Potts was convicted of stalking and murdering his causal girlfriend back in 2007.

Prosecutors are taking no chances on this case as Potts is looking at life in prison.  They went over his dozens of felony car thefts, his threats to officers, assaults and even his numerous violations while he was in prison on those car thefts.

For his part Potts sat mostly silent listening to the officers and others go through his felony background.  Prosecutors also highlighted how Potts would try and manipulate basically everyone he came in contact with, including jail guards.

After he finally got out, he met Nailah Franklin.  The two dated for a bit but once Franklin found out about potts lengthy criminal background she ended the relationship and told friends. which apparently angered Potts, who stalked her and killed her, leaving her naked body in a wooded area in Hammond, Indiana.

Today the court heard how Potts attacked one of his defense attorneys, a jail employee and we heard from a Highland Park officer who told the court about a phone call he got from Potts while he was investigating him in 2001 for stealing a number of cars.
The officer said he kept a photo of Potts on his refrigerator at home so his family would know who he was.  he didnt take it down until Potts was arrested for Franklin's murder six years later.

Franklin's family is expected to take the stand on Thursday.