Acting Chicago Police Supt. John Escalante addresses troubling crime numbers

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CHICAGO -- 2016 is the most violent start in 20 years for Chicago, with 102 violent deaths. There has been at least one shooting a day for the past year.

Social media has been a driving force.

But also compounding the problem is the Laquan McDonald shooting. It turned a national spotlight on the Chicago Police Department. That along with a justice department investigation has had an impact on officers.

Increasing supervision from new sergeants and lieutenants is hitting the streets this week.

And Escalante says an important tool is a refined  ‘stop’ policy to question civilians. He says those stops are up 20% since Feb. 15.

But the challenge is still illegal guns--arrests are up, but often criminals are back on the street quickly.

With jails full and money tight, prison reform is unlikely to happen any time soon.  In the meantime, Chicago police will get help from the ATF and other law enforcement, to help keep crime numbers from climbing to a record setting pace.