Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘My party has gone (expletive) crazy’

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WASHINGTON — Sen. Lindsey¬†Graham is so disgusted with the GOP’s embrace of Donald Trump, he says: “My party has gone bats–t crazy.”

In no-holds-barred remarks Thursday night, the South Carolina senator and unsuccessful presidential candidate said the GOP has lost all semblance of sanity. He predicted irrevocable losses in November if Republicans back Trump.

Graham says Republicans have the best chance in years to win as Democrats are likely to nominate Hillary Clinton, who has been damaged by questions about her trustworthiness. But he says Republicans could blow it.

He calls Clinton the “most dishonest person in America.”

Graham has repeatedly engaged in name-calling with Trump, but Thursday’s remarks were to more than 750 members of Congress, journalists and congressional aides at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s annual congressional dinner.

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