Woodfield Mall sees spike in tickets

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SCHAUMBURG, Ill. -- In what could be a twist to the state budget impasse, there was a huge spike in expired license plate tickets written by  Schaumburg auxiliary police.

Over a several-month period  late last year into the beginning part of this year, the majority of those $50 tickets were being issued at Woodfield Mall.

$50,450 came from tickets issued in December, a 56 percent rise from the same month in 2014.

In January there was an almost 25-percent increase and that is money that goes directly to the village.

The belief, this is because Secretary of State Jesse White stopped sending reminders to drivers in the mail in December.

Schaumburg police say when they noticed the uptick, auxiliary officers, who were the ones writing the tickets, were told to pull back and then told again to pull back even more.

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