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Chicago area included in Wednesday’s major winter storm

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CHICAGO -- Current forecast models continue to develop a major winter storm mid-week with the center of the storm moving out of Texas, then curving northeast into the Ohio Valley passing east of Chicago Wednesday. The storm track is still very tentative, and could change significantly in the next 72 hours, but if current projections prove accurate, the Chicago area could be positioned in the heavy snow band associated with this storm.

The heavy snow outlook maps below produced by the National Weather Prediction Center depict the probability of 4-inches or more and 8-inches or more snowfall during the 24-hour period beginning 6AM CST Wednesday. Note the entire Chicago area is positioned in the the 10 to 40% chance of 4-inches or more (encircled by the blue line) and the eastern portion is in the 40 to 70 percent probability area (encircled by a green line).  The second map shows the probability of 8-inches or more and the portion of the Chicago area adjacent to and inland of Lake Michigan (lake-enhanced snowfall) lies in the 10 to 40 percent area.

These probability maps will be updated as the storm develops.

Probability of 4-inches or more snowfall Wednesday/Wednesday night…


Probability of 8-inches or more snowfall Wednesday/Wednesday night…


For the latest weather updates go to Chicago Weather Center

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