Thousands still without power after Chicago wind storm

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CHICAGO -- The Hancock House senior living center lost power Friday afternoon due to wind..

Normally when that happens the backup generator kicks in, but this time the generator failed, too, leaving dozens of seniors sitting in the dark.

"Right now my friend and I, we can't walk up steps, it's pitch black, we can't get our medication," said resident Helen Doss.

Those who could left the building. Paramedics came to give one resident oxygen.  Everyone else was just waiting.

With destructive winds causing big problems throughout the Chicago area, ComEd officials say they have crews out in full force to deal with power outages.

"We have beefed up our crews and they're working throughout the day as the weather continues," said Fidel Marquez with ComEd.

After nearly 6 hours, a maintenance crew repaired the generator at Hancock House, restoring power to the common areas.

Residents say they were they may have to wait until Friday morning until power is restored in their units.

The last update from ComEd: Over 60,000 customers are still without power in northern Illinois.

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