7 workers safe after strong winds stranded them in Chicago high-rise

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CHICAGO -- Seven constructions workers are back safe on the ground Friday night after being stuck in a building they are working on because of the strong winds.

They are safe but pieces of that building were knocked loose and caused evacuations and some damage.

"A lot of times it would be two-by-fours, sometimes it was sheets of plywood. It was a measurable amount," said Chicago Fire Commissioner Michael Fox.

The flying debris broke windows in nearby office buildings which prompted the fire department to evacuate three buildings in the debris path and forced police to shut down the surrounding streets.

"Everything was shaking back and forth. It's kind of scary," said Ayrel Anderson, who was among those evacuated. "Hope everybody is safe nobody gets hurt."

No one was hurt, but plywood hit Dwayne Dillards' new car causing a small bit of damage and big scare.

"I didn't see it coming at all," Dillards said, explaining that it sounded like someone threw a can at his car.

For those who weren't swept off their feet, they kept their eyes firmly focused on the sky.

"It's pretty scary, but I think I they did a great job of evacuating everybody quickly," said evacuee Kevin Swisher.

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