Seen from SkyCam: Rubix cube-like structure turns out to be ‘artists monument’

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CHICAGO -- There’s a new art exhibit in Grant Park that WGN traffic reporter Sarah Jindra spotted while flying over the city.

What appeared to be a rubix cube-like structure turned out to be a tribute to about 400,000 artists from around the world.

"There’s monuments and memorials to all kinds of other things, usually to tragedies, I thought, 'Why not make a monument to creativity, and just to people?'" said Tony Tasett, who created the piece.

The names are etched onto acrylic panels and attached to two shipping containers.

"Most of it are names of artists who’ve been struggling, toiling away and no one has ever heard of them, and this is my nod to all those kind of poor schlubs working away in quiet," Tasset said.

Tasset searched online databases for the full list of artists, and they’re now listed in alphabetical order for people to hunt down.

Tasset says he wanted to put all artists on the same playing field, and pay tribute to them all with this colorful "artists monument."

The "artists monument" is expected to stay out in Grant Park at least until the summer. Its official unveiling happens this Saturday.

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