Leigh Steinberg joins Sports Feed on Thursday

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CHICAGO - When the conversation about sports agents comes up, it starts with this man.

He's represented athletes in major sports for four decades and was the inspiration for the hit move "Jerry Maguire" starting Tom Cruise back in 1996.

Leigh Steinberg is an icon in the sports agent business and he is in town for an event featuring former Bears' defensive end and Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent.

Before going to that on Saturday, Steinberg took some time to come on Sports Feed and talk with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman on Thursday's show. They discussed the event this weekend, Steinberg's history as an agent, his involvement with the "Jerry Maguire" movie, and his current client Dan Vitale, who was also a guest on Sports Feed the same evening.

To watch Leigh's discussion with Jarrett and Josh, click on the video above.

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