Nissan shows off new self-parking chairs

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YOKOHAMA, Japan — Automobile maker Nissan is translating some of its autonomous driving technology to another everyday object: chairs.

That’s right, office chairs that move on their own. Half-awesome (especially for lazy people), half-terrifying, the chairs return to their places behind a desk of conference table as you leave the room.

Nissan shared a series of videos this week showing off its technology:

In one of the videos an engineers explains how self-parking can ease the stress of tired or bad drivers, and he wanted to translate that to other functions.

So for office workers who are either too tired or too lazy to return their chairs after work or a meeting, they can more conveniently leave the room.

The system is set up by placing cameras in the corners of a given office to help predetermine the chairs’ position.

Videos show that with the help of the cameras and Wi-Fi, a simple clap will return the chairs to their rightful places.

A few reports say that the chairs are being promoted more as a way to show off the automobile technology, and that the chairs themselves aren’t expected to hit the market any time soon.