Hillary Clinton blasts Gov. Rauner, Illinois Republicans at Chicago rally

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CHICAGO -- Hillary Clinton had some harsh words for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois Republicans  Wednesday during a campaign rally in Chicago.

"When I look at what's happening here in Illinois, the Republican agenda to roll back the clock on everything that made the middle class strong in the 20th century, it's pretty terrifying," Clinton said.

The Democratic presidential candidate went on to throw her support behind workers unions, saying the labor movement was "essential to building the American middle class."

Clinton's remarks came the same day Rauner delivered his state budget address. Rauner said in his speech that "the time is now" to act on the budget, which is in the midst of a months-long impasse.

Rauner said he has been negotiating with unions "in good faith" on plans that could save taxpayers of $3 billion over the next three years.

Clinton also added to her attack on Rauner, saying the "Turnaround Agenda,"  which the governor has touted for months, would bring the state "all the way back to the robber barons of the 19th century."